Discover Your Maintenance Schedule Online

It can be challenging to keep up with auto service in Fayetteville, AR, when you're not sure what to expect or when it's best to service your vehicle. At Adventure Subaru, we serve Bentonville, AR, and beyond by offering an online maintenance menu so that you can easily discover a factory-recommended maintenance schedule for your Subaru model.

Learn more about our maintenance menu and why so many drivers around Rogers, AR, choose our service center.

How to Use the Online Maintenance Menu

You can follow intuitive steps to discover the information you need for your Subaru model. You can get started by simply selecting your model year, the model, and supplying specific information about your vehicle, including the engine, transmission, and mileage. The maintenance menu will show you needed service based on your mileage and the time since your registration date.

You can browse services, such as inspecting the cooling system and oil changes and see the suggested price for all the services. Viewing this information can help you anticipate what service your vehicle currently needs, how much it may cost, and when you're due for maintenance next. You can choose between grid, list, and guide views to find the best option for intuitive reading.

Expert Subaru Service near Springdale, AR

When you come to our service center, you can expect a completely different experience from what you may have experienced around Bella Vista, AR, in the past. We utilize specialized equipment and the skill of our master technicians to take on everything from complicated repairs to routine service.

With the expertise of our Subaru-certified technicians, you can save time and money while enjoying high-quality service.

Schedule Service

If you're vehicle is due for maintenance, you can schedule a service appointment online for even more convenience.