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Adventure Subaru Loves Pets | Adventure Subaru


It’s that time of year again, folks- time to stop and show some love for all of our furry friends and family members. Even the animals on the streets and in the shelters are just friends and furever family we haven’t met yet, right? For Subaru Loves Pets month, our team here at Adventure Subaru is helping to give a little extra love to animals in need. We hope you will join us!

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Sustainable Living: There’s an App for That | Adventure Subaru


Subaru loves the earth, and that couldn’t be truer for our team here at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville. We firmly believe that the Northwest Arkansas community is one of the best when it comes to connecting with nature and being sustainable. Of course, loving the environment means more than just loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it. One great way to do a little more every day is to download some apps on your smartphone or tablet that are all about living more sustainably. Check out some of our favorites that we’ve found below.

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Mythbusters: Putting Car Myths to the Test | Adventure Subaru


Getting your learner’s permit and ultimately your driver’s license is considered a rite of passage for young people, representing a significant transition from childhood to adulthood. Most Americans of driving age drive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean most Americans know a lot about the vehicles they’re driving. Cars are complicated, after all! In some cases, you might think you know some things that aren’t completely true. In the list below, we’ll go through and put 4 of the most common car myths to the test.

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2019 Subaru Forester Launch | Adventure Subaru


The 2019 Subaru Forester is officially here, and Subie fans everywhere are flocking to Adventure Subaru to see it in person. This generation Forester is without a doubt the roomiest and versatile Forester yet. It’s sporting an entirely new look and newly updated features designed with you in mind.

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Adventure Subaru Gives Back | Adventure Subaru

Here at Adventure Subaru, we take our role in the community very seriously. Our team is dedicated to supporting the Northwest Arkansas community in which we live and work. You can see our support in our partnerships with local nonprofits, charities, organizations and events- including those in education, health, community, environment, and animal organizations. It’s all part of our Love Promise to do what is right and good, just for the sake of doing it. Read on to learn more about some of the wonderful things Adventure Subaru has been a part of lately.
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Owning a Subaru In Northwest Arkansas means… | Adventure Subaru

Owning a Subaru in Northwest Arkansas is a uniquely rewarding experience. You become part of a culture that is unlike any other. If you’re a Subie owner and you live here, you know — there’s no other car like a Subaru, and there’s no other place like NWA. It seems like the adventurous off-roading vehicles were made for these hills, and the Subaru Love Promise ideals were made for these people. Basically, it just fits. We couldn’t possibly list everything it means to own a Subaru in the Ozarks, but as we drive through the streets of…

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How to Be a More Sustainable Student | Adventure Subaru


We know how overwhelming school can be, especially when you’re trying to keep a healthy balance between studying, eating, sleeping, friends, and everything else you care about. Trying to be more sustainable might seem like a lot of extra effort sometimes, but don’t worry! Adventure Subaru is here to help. We came up with a list of 9 simple steps you can take to be a more sustainable student this year. Check them out below!

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Adventure Subaru Loves Learning | Adventure Subaru


Here at Adventure Subaru, we are proud to represent the Subaru brand for many reasons. There’s a lot to love about Subaru, especially how dedicated the company is to supporting so many incredible causes both locally and nationally. For Subaru, and for us, it’s not just about selling vehicles. It’s about making the world a better place. As your local Subie dealer, you can always count on Adventure Subaru to keep that promise.


This month, we’re excited to be teamed up with the Ozark Literacy Council to encourage, inspire and invest in education for Subaru Loves…

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Ode to Subaru: The Unofficial Car of Northwest Arkansas | Adventure Subaru


Oh, Subaru. How we revere you. How we cherish you! We’d never want to live without you — and here in Northwest Arkansas, we’re far from being the only ones who feel that way. In Fayetteville - or Bentonville, or Rogers, or Eureka Springs - you don’t have to look far to spot a Subie. Just take a drive down the street to your nearest mountain trail, watering hole, yoga studio, climbing gym or coffee shop. We’d be shocked if you didn’t pass a Subaru or two. After all, Subaru is the unofficial car of Northwest Arkansas.

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Unplug on Holiday: Tips for a Sustainable Road Trip | Adventure Subaru


If you own a Subaru, chances are you’re no stranger to quick trips and summer vacations. It’s always great to pack up and get out of town for a little while, but it’s not always so great for your wallet — or the environment. You might have heard some tips about how to have greener, more sustainable vacations while you’re on the road, but there are actually a lot of things you can do back home before you leave, too. If you want to conserve energy and have more sustainable road trips, read on for some tips…

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