How and where to charge my Subaru EV in Fayetteville AR

How and where to charge my Subaru EV in Fayetteville AR

If you purchase the new all-electric 2023 Subaru Solterra EV, you're investing in a Subaru first. This new Subaru model will allow you to travel in a fully-electric vehicle all over local communities like Bentonville and Rogers AR. You'll have options for charging it at home and also at public charging stations. Here are some of the questions we often hear at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville AR about how to charge the new Subaru Solterra.

What kind of chargers are available?

Every new 2023 Subaru Solterra comes with a Level 1 home charger that operates with 123 volts. You can also upgrade to a Level 2 home charger with 240 volts. In addition, the new Subaru Solterra is compatible with about 46,000 public charging stations and that includes Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast-chargers. Let's take a look at some of the charging speeds that are available for every kind of Subaru Solterra charging station.

What are the charging speeds for home chargers?

With a Level 1 charger operating with 120 volts, it will take about 24 hours to reach an 80% charge. Obviously, it will take somewhat longer to reach a full 100% charge. With a Level 2 charger operating with 240 volts installed in your garage, it will take about 9 hours to reach a full charge.

How long does it take to recharge with a Level 3 DC fast charger?

DC fast chargers are available at some public charging stations and can charge the Subaru Solterra to an 80% level in less than an hour.

What are the disadvantages of fast-charging my Subaru EV?

Fast charging an electric vehicle can cause lithium plating which is something that can happen in cold temperatures when lithium deposits start forming around the anode of the battery during the charging process. It shortens battery life and can cause a safety risk. You should be aware that fast-charging more than three times a month increases battery degradation. That's because it creates excess heat and that can shorten the life of your battery.

How do I prepare my home for an electric vehicle charging station?

You might be able to find electric home chargers available at home improvement stores around your home in Springdale or Bella Vista AR. One precaution is that these stations need to be installed by licensed professionals. Clear out a spot in your garage that's large enough to accommodate the charging station and then hire an electrician who can safely install your EV charging station.

What kinds of situations are various charging systems most suitable for?

A public EV charging station will work for drivers who make short trips and live in a city that has a lot of charging stations. A Level 1 home charging system is appropriate for drivers who drive less than 60 minutes a day. A Level 2 home charging station will work for drivers who drive more than 60 minutes a day or need to charge their Subaru EV faster than overnight. Once again, these chargers require professional installation.

How can I find a Subaru Solterra charging station?

The Subaru Solterra can be charged with any Level 2 or Level 3 DC public fast charging station and it's compatible with about 46,000 charging stations across the country. Subaru has partnered with EVGo, which is the first nationwide network of charging stations using 100% renewable energy. Simply download the EVGo app to get simple turn-by-turn directions to the nearest renewable charging station.

What's the driving range for a Subaru Solterra?

The Subaru Solterra will give you about 220 miles of range when it's fully-charged. That's considerably below the 400-mile range of the average gas-powered vehicle so it's one drawback to keep in mind before purchasing an EV. Find out more about the new Subaru Solterra at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville AR.