Love Promise Spotlight

Subaru of America, Inc. believes in making the world a better place through the Subaru Love Promise. At Adventure Subaru, we strive to recognize our employees that go above and beyond to help customers and their coworkers.

That's why we're introducing a new employee appreciation program called the Love Promise Spotlight. Each week, our employees can nominate their coworkers they feel have exemplified the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Shannon Boyett

Shannon works in sales, has been with Adventure Subaru since 2016, and is genuinely one of the kindest people you will ever meet... but don't take our word for it. Here are some kind words from her customers and coworkers:

-"What all can I say? She's kind, so helpful, and her customers love her."

-"Shannon is a delight. Pleasant to be in the company of, not to mention, she's a great teammate."

-"Shannon helped me with not only this car buying experience but my previous purchase as well. She was incredibly responsive and kind throughout the process while also being efficient and considerate of my time. I am a Subaru customer for life now!"

Tony Blackburn

Tony works in the Parts Department as our Warehouse Manager. He's a big help, as he's been filling in as our delivery driver, in addition to his normal duties. We are so grateful for Tony!

Some kind words from his coworkers:

-"Works his tail off. So helpful. He's organized and does a great job!"

-"Tony is super nice and cool! Always says hello and asks how you're doing. A friendly presence on our team."

-"Has picked up the slack with Parts being shorthanded. Has a great attitude and is really helpful to the team."

Congratulations, Tony!

Anthony Gibson

Anthony has been with Adventure Subaru since 2015, is a Subaru Senior Master Technician, and is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys in the shop!

-"He's awesome to work with. I've asked him plenty of service questions and he walks me through them with ease. Plus, he's always in a good mood and keeps it light around here."

-"Anthony is always here early to start the day, never minds answering questions of a technical nature, and always seems to have a smile and a positive attitude."

-"Anthony is super knowledgeable about vehicles, acknowledges you and says hello, and is an asset to the service team."

Congratulations, Anthony!

Stefan Banda

Stefan is an acquisition specialist, aka, he helps us get vehicles for the Used Lot!

He's been here since 2021, and is a big help when it comes to buying vehicles and keeping the pre-owned lot stocked with great cars!

Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:

-"A team player! He has helped out multiple times when we have been shorthanded on Porters in Used. He helps us acquire new inventory, and is just overall pleasant to work with."

-"Stefan does a great job, and works well with customers!"

-"He's lighthearted, hard-working, punctual, and meticulous in his work. A true champion!"

Congratulations, Stefan!

Jeff Carr

Jeff works in detail and has been with Adventure since the summer of 2021! Jeff brings a positive attitude and friendly demeanor with him wherever he goes!

Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:

-"Friendly, works hard, and is always willing to lend a helping hand!"

-"Super friendly, thorough and always says hello. He has great dance moves too!"

-"He is a great team member and always has a positive attitude."

Congratulations, Jeff!

Lance Drinkard

Lance joined Adventure in 2020, bringing a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to the team.

-"Lance spearheaded the idea of the employee fitness challenge. He's motivated and has always been so kind when I've spoken with him."

-"Lance has an infectious smile and is always super helpful. He is a super genuine person with a great sense of humor. A great addition to the team!"

-"He's friendly, wants those around him to succeed, and is a team player!"

Congratulations, Lance!

Sharon Perona

Sharon works in the admin office and has been with Adventure Subaru since 2018. She's a wealth of knowledge and we're glad she's here!

Some kind words from her coworkers:

-"Sharon is great! Every time I've called and asked her a question, she is really helpful and goes the extra mile to find the answer if she doesn't know it."

-"Sharon is kind, courteous, and knowledgeable in her field. She's an incredible asset to the company!"

-"Anytime I've had a question pertaining to a car deal, she's quick to respond and is on the ball! It's great to work with her."

Congratulations, Sharon!

Rachel Gage

Rachel works as a customer service liaison. She is tasked with contacting customers after their service visits and ensuring their satisfaction with their experience at Adventure Subaru.

Some kind words from her coworkers:

-Rachel is such an awesome addition to our Subaru fam! She's so quick to help and make sure everyone is doing okay. She truly exemplifies the heart pillars and they shine through her in all interactions with customers and coworkers.

-Rachel has the important job of not only contacting happy customers after their visit but also, some unhappy ones, too. She takes in all in stride, listens to the customer's concerns, and more often than not, turns their unhappy experience into a positive one!

-Rachel has a gentle way about her.  She is funny, caring, and fits right in with our Adventure Subaru family.  She is helpful and very team-oriented and has shown herself to be anxious to learn.  She's been a great addition to the team, and I'm thankful she's here!

Travis Spencer

Travis is an Encore Delivery Specialist, resident plant expert, and has been with Adventure Subaru since 2019. 

Some kind words from his coworkers: 

-Travis has a fantastic attitude at all times! He's so smart and keeps things light-hearted and funny. If you're feeling overwhelmed or a bit stressed out Travis always has a way of making you laugh and feel better, he's a great addition to our team.

-Always goes above and beyond, and is willing to help out the customer.  

-Travis is knowledgeable about all things Subaru. He's helpful when it comes to projects around the dealership, and willing to go the extra mile for customers when answering their questions.

Kenny Boyett

Congratulations to the one, the only, Kenny Boyett as your Love Promise Spotlight this week! Kenny has been with Adventure Subaru since 2013. He has been a pivotal member of the sales team for many years, and we're so grateful he's here.

Some kind words from his coworkers:

-I have worked with Kenny since I started here in 2014.  Not only has he mentored me in sales, management styles, and all things Subaru, he has also become a great friend to me.  He's got an effortless way about him, smart and witty, and quick to laugh.  He has excellent taste in music too!  

-He always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond for his customers. I enjoy working with him and can count on him to make me laugh. He also has a lot of patience with his customers.

-Kenny is awesome. Both his coworkers and customers love him. He gets the job done, he's dependable and so kind. 

Bonnie Field

Bonnie is a receptionist and has been with Adventure since September. In her short time here, she's already exhibited the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from her coworkers:

"One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She's polite, helpful, and a great addition to the Subaru team."

"Bonnie is always willing to pick up extra shifts and help out the team."

"Bonnie is kind, always says hello, and is great with customers."

Congratulations, Bonnie!

Andrew Aguilar

Andrew has been with Adventure Subaru since 2020 when he started as a Porter. He transitioned to the Service Advisor role shortly after.

Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:

"Andrew is infectiously pleasant to be around and very kind! He's always streamlining communications and keeping things light-hearted. His customers brag on him as well."

"He is always smiling and he is always helpful. I know that the service writer job can be very stressful and he always has a good attitude. Even when the department is busy, he will take a moment to help me find info on trades (or whatever else I need)."

"Andrew is great about greeting customers when they arrive in the service drive, and ensures that his customers are taken care of."

Congratulations, Andrew!

Josh Gresham

Josh works in the Service Drive and helps keep everything running smoothly.

Some kind words from his coworkers:

"He's a great asset to the service department."

"Polite and helpful with customers. Greets service customers when they arrive, and in a kind manner. Always willing to answer questions, whether it's for a fellow employee or customer."

"He's friendly and is courteous to customers. I have witnessed many great interactions he's had with folks in the service drive."

Congratulations, Josh!

Cayla Litterell

Cayla has been with Adventure Subaru since 2015. She began as a receptionist and transitioned to the Love-Encore Delivery Specialist position in 2017. She's a pillar at this place, and when it comes to knowing the tech in a Subaru, she's your go-to.

Some kind words from her coworkers:

"Cayla embodies the values of the Subaru Love Promise with her caring heart, and her willingness to help out. Whether it's delivering meals with Meals on Wheels, stocking Little Free Libraries in our community, a trail cleanup, or helping a customer understand the technology in their Subaru, she's dependable and someone you can count on."

"She is fantastic with customers and isn't afraid to jump in and get accessories after the sale is done. She has a great presence at the dealership and keeps it fun here. She has always been super willing to learn. She really is humble in her ability to ask for help and she is not afraid of what she doesn't know, she genuinely wants to learn. She's vivacious and honest and open. She also pioneered the receptionist position years ago which comprises a VITAL part of our team."

"Cayla is always happy to help, consistently has a positive attitude, and has the ability to bring you up when you are feeling down."

Congratulations, Cayla!

Stephen Walker

Stephen is in sales and has been with Adventure Subaru since 2018.

Some kind words from his coworkers:

"Stephen is always ready and willing to help out. He's attentive with greeting our customers at the front door and regularly offers assistance. He's absolutely hilarious and is kind."

"He is very personable and always has a great attitude. He's knowledgeable with all things Subaru and goes out of his way to help his customers and coworkers."

"Stephen is super helpful and always quick to catch customers at the door. Great coworker and friend."

Congratulations, Stephen!

Chris Blackmon

December was tough, as one of our own, Chris Blackmon passed away. Chris worked in sales and had been with Adventure Subaru for a couple of years. His smile was infectious, the sound of his laugh was unforgettable, and his presence is so missed around here. This week, the spotlight is dedicated to him.
Some kind words from his coworkers:
-"Chris was maybe the only person I have ever known that would literally take the shirt off his own back to help a friend or even a stranger out. So selfless, easy-going, and just overall a great friend and coworker. Days just won't be the same without his big smile and overly positive energy filling every room."
-"Chris was such a welcoming and caring person. His bright smile and loving personality were infectious and he will be very missed. I'm glad I was able to meet him."
-"He was always outgoing, he would give everyone a high-five when he walked in the door. I remember walking with him to the new building and he went out of his way to talk to EVERYONE in the building. I was amazed at how many people he knew and how they loved him. His customers loved him because of his outgoing personality etc. I could go on...  We miss him a lot."
-"Chris was a consummate professional who always strived to be the best at what he did, while at the same time always showing a smile. His laugh was unmistakable, as was his ability to make those around him laugh with him. His presence will be sorely missed by everyone here."
-"Chris was one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met.  He had a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor.  I got to sit with him up front by the windows and we nicknamed ourselves the "window lickers"...and every time I saw him, we would greet each other with 'Hello Window Licker!'  I am going to miss the sound of his laugh.  He always had a kind, friendly, warm and welcoming energy around him.  He will be missed."
We miss you, Chris.

Chris Vore

Chris works in sales in the pre-owned department and has been with Adventure since the spring of 2019.
Chris consistently receives high remarks from his coworkers, but also, his customers.
Some kind words from his coworkers:
"Customer service exemplified! A great attitude and always ensuring customers feel welcomed and important."
"Detail-oriented. Customer-friendly and respectable. Trustworthy and embodies the values of the love promise. "
And, from his customers:
"...What sealed the deal for us was the excellent customer service - really, a better description would be 'customer love,' in keeping with Subaru's mantra. After we expressed interest in the car on, Chris with Adventure Subaru was quick to get in touch. He went the extra mile and sent a personalized video (using my name) as he walked around the Ascent, showing me its features and saying how much he loved his own Ascent. Wow! That got me. I got back in touch with him and to say I was very interested but expressed slight concern that it had spent some of its life in Connecticut with the road salts. Chris then, without prompting or hesitation, took and sent me another video of the underside of the Ascent in which he, while lying on the ground, explained that it looked great and also that it was a Certified Pre-Owned, so it was thoroughly checked out for issues. Above and beyond! Needless to say, we decided to buy the Ascent, and the customer service never diminished, even after we had committed to the process and couldn't back out. Chris and JT (one of the business managers) quickly responded to all my texts and calls, and there were LOTS, firstly because I had never bought such a new car before, and secondly because we live in Mississippi. Even though I was a 'needy' buyer, full of questions and in need of hand-holding throughout the process, Chris and the other staff there accommodated my needs without ever making me feel like a bother. Also, Chris made the process of buying a car from out of state (which is not a stress-free task) as easy as possible - I might even say it was fun because, in addition to being super helpful, he's also just a really genuine, warm, enjoyable person." 


Congratulations to the first Love Promise Spotlight of the week winner for 2022, Lawrence Blackburn, aka Bush!
Bush has been with Adventure Subaru since 2008 and works in Detail. He's a crucial part of the team and we're glad he's here.
Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:
-"Works hard, team player, gets the job done."
-"His tenure says a lot about his dedication to Subaru. He has a team mentality, is loyal, and overall does a great job. You know Bush will get the job done."
-"Bush always says hello, is super helpful and you know when you ask him to help you, consider it done."
Congratulations, Bush! We appreciate you!

Jesus Araujo

Congratulations to this week's Love Promise Spotlight, Jesus Araujo!
Jesus is a Lube Tech and is a relative newcomer to Adventure Subaru. In his short time here, he's already exhibited a hard work ethic and encompasses the values of the Subaru Love Promise! He started off as a Lube Tech apprentice and has now transitioned into a full-time Lube Tech.
Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:
"Comes to work on time and is ready to work. Proud of the progress he has made in learning a new job."
"Started off as a lube tech apprentice. He's doing great work, catching on, and really has a desire to be here and work hard!"
Congratulations, Jesus!

Elmer Hernandez

Elmer is a member of the sales team, specializing in Pre-Owned vehicles. He's been with Adventure since 2015 and is a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.
Some kind words from his coworkers, who nominated him:
"A fun-loving guy who always pushes himself to do better, and he's still always willing to lend a hand when asked."
"He is great with his customers, he's always super helpful, and he goes out of his way to help with our Spanish-speaking customers. I know he's helped me a ton over the years. He's funny and kind and attentive."
"Elmer comes to work each day with a smile and a positive attitude. He's a vital member of the team!" 

Will Babb

Congratulations to this week's Spotlight, Will Babb! Will is a Service Advisor and someone that has exemplified the values of the Subaru Love Promise.
Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him.
"Will is kind, a good listener, and strives to always do his best, not only for his teammates but for his customers too."
"Always comes to work with a positive attitude, and helpful. He was a huge help with a customer that was stranded without a working vehicle and a camper in tow. He helped the customer every step of the way and offered reasonable solutions. He was compassionate and understanding."
And, from a Service customer Will worked with recently (summarized)
".....The dealership helped me find basic accommodations for about a week for myself and my two dogs while I was stranded. They offered emotional support while helping walk through some possible avenues to get everyone home in a safe and timely manner. The dealership did not push me to a quick resolve on my vehicle and travel trailer that was parked on their property. Adventure Subaru was very patient and worked with me, helping me find the best solution. I can tell you this much, my experience came with love and care provided by all the staff. I will try to keep buying vehicles from them and whenever feasible, have them do maintenance and repairs on my vehicles. They are a God's send and doing God's work! Thank you to everyone at the dealership.  I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers and telling of your good deeds for years to come! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
(Recent photo of Will and his wife exploring Utah)

Chad Gowens

Chad is a new sales consultant and has been with Adventure since 2017. He's a hard worker and someone that exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.
Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:
-"He has taken his personal time to pull apart our CRM and learn it, and his knowledge base on how our systems work is extensive.  He's is totally invested in making us as streamlined and productive as we can be."
"He is a team player and has no problem calling it as he sees it. Because of his analytical approach to the dealership, we all benefit from the improvement of our systems and day-to-day operations. He consistently crushes it, but still finds time to raise up everyone around him."
"Chad is a wealth of knowledge and someone that puts in the time and effort to educate himself on subjects that'll better his daily life. He consistently receives high remarks from his customers and goes above and beyond to make their experience top-notch."

Brandon Plunkett

Brandon Plunkett! Brandon is a Service Technician and has been with Adventure Subaru since 2017. He's a great example of someone who encompasses the values of the Subaru Love Promise.
What his coworkers have to say:
"He is always open and willing to help the younger techs understand their job and assist them with identifying what needs to be repaired or corrected on customer vehicles."
"He does an amazing job back here and has been one of, if not the fastest tech, to receive master status after his last class after the first of the year!"
"He is always smiling and courteous, always willing to help."
Congratulations, Brandon! 

Michael White

The first winner of the Love Promise Spotlight is Michael White. Michael works in our Service department as an Accessory Specialist.  If you have ever had accessories put on your Subaru at Adventure, chances are, it was Michael that got it done.

Here are some words from his coworkers, who nominated him:

"He's been working hard and always has a good attitude."

"A real go-getter and a hard-working nice guy."

 "He always has a great attitude and is counted on by every salesperson to install accessories and get the sold vehicles ready for delivery. He rarely takes a day off. Many times he comes up on Sundays to get Monday cars ready for our sales staff."

Congratulations, Michael! Stay tuned for more Love Promise Spotlight team members.

Sydney Zeigler

This week's Love Promise Spotlight belongs to Sydney Zeigler! Sydney works in our Service Drive as our Loaner Vehicle Coordinator, helping customers when they arrive for service, and for their loaner vehicle needs.

Here are some words from her coworkers, who nominated her: "She works as hard as anyone I have had the pleasure of working with, from the time she gets here until she leaves."

"Sydney is a hard worker, and comes to work with a cheerful attitude." "She has been a huge help and wonderful asset. Great customer service and wonderful coworker."

Congratulations, Sydney! Stay tuned for more Love Promise Spotlight team members.

Hayley Willis

Congratulations to this week's Love Promise Spotlight Winner, Hayley Willis! Hayley plays a vital role in the dealership as a receptionist and is one of the friendly faces you see when you walk in the door. Or, you may have even spoken with her on the phone!

Hayley was nominated by several of her coworkers and is a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from her coworkers, who nominated her:   -"She's very smart, strong, thoughtful, and shows discretion with personnel issues. Very reliable attitude too - consistently likable and inspiring."

-"She always seems to have a great attitude, always says good morning to everyone on her way in every morning. She works hard to make sure that we have the supplies needed for our daily operations, and is always pleasant about the task at hand."

Congratulations, Hayley! Stay tuned for more spotlight members!

Mike Carey

Week after week, we receive so many nominations from our team members, recognizing all the hard work their fellow coworkers put in day after day. We strive to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome- whether you are here for sales, service, parts, or just stopping in to say hello. We're all family. But last week, we lost one of our Adventure family members, Mike Carey. Our hearts are so heavy grieving his loss, so this week's Love Promise Spotlight is dedicated to him. Mike worked in our Parts department, but most of you will remember him from his Sales days as the witty, always insightful, knowledgeable about all things Subaru, kind, and humorous man that he was. His laugh was infectious, his company was warm, and the world feels a little dimmer without him in it.   "His sense of humor was a gift and I'm gonna miss his show-tune solos echoing in a quiet dealership. His laugh was hearty and infectious. I always felt like I'd knocked it out of the comedic park if I could make him laugh. He set the bar. I've taken his movie and show recommendations to heart and was never disappointed. But most of all, his presence put everyone at ease, he was steady and fun. Always. He will be missed."  "Mike Carey was a great guy. He could make anyone laugh. Sometimes at work, he and his customers would be laughing out loud, so much that I'd think "What's going on?!" But it was just Mike being Mike. I'll miss his thoughtful movie reviews. 'Go see it tonight. It's just... FANTASTIC.' So smart too. He was kind, genuine, and a loyal friend." "Mike was one of the first people I met when I started at Adventure. I was so nervous...about everything. Being the new kid on the sales block, I had SO many questions, and he would stop what he was doing to offer his full attention. The pure kindness I was shown by him reiterated that I was in the right place. He was a great coworker. He was a great friend. Could make you laugh, even on the days when you weren't feeling your best. He uplifted you but was also brutally honest when the time was right. What a guy and a life gone too soon." We miss you, Mike.

Antoine Simon

Antoine is a pillar in our workforce and plays a vital role in the dealership on the Detail team. Antoine was nominated by several of his coworkers and is a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from his coworkers, who nominated him:

-"Hard-working, runs Detail like a tight ship and is in the know about anything you may need."

-"Dependable. He helps get stuff done. Whatever you need, he's always helpful."

-"Works his tail off, really helpful in making the detail department run well."

Congratulations, Antoine!

Liam Cookson

Liam works behind the scenes in the shop as a service porter. His role is making sure the service area is neat, clean, and tidy. And, he's a big help around here.

He was nominated by several of his coworkers and is a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from his coworkers that nominated him:

-"Reliable, dependable, good attitude, and keeps the shops immaculately clean."

-"Shows up to work on time, works really hard."

-"Works hard, sees something that needs to be done, and does it."

Tiffany Edgmon

Tiffany works in the administrative office and is a big help in our day-to-day operations. She was nominated by several of her coworkers and is a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from her coworkers that nominated her:

"Super positive attitude, very helpful, always a pleasure to talk to on the phone. Plus, an infectious laugh!"

"Great attitude, nice to work with, and really helpful."

"Pleasant demeanor, and always quick to answer all your questions."

Kris Warner

Kris is a Service Advisor and someone that exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from his coworkers and customers:

"I was completely satisfied with the service. Department personnel was professional and friendly. Thank you, Kris!"

"Super fast service with a detailed inspection report emailed to me. Fast and convenient. Overall a great job. Special thanks to Kris!"

"Kris is one of the kindest/hard-working individuals here at Subaru. He doesn't hesitate to help customers or coworkers for a second. I nominated him because he deserves to be recognized for all the work he thinks goes unnoticed."

Kathy Julich

Kathy works in the Parts Department, and is a big help to those around her. She's a great example of someone who exemplifies the values of the Subaru Love Promise.

Some kind words from her coworkers:

"She is always so sweet and has a good attitude. When she heard I needed boxes for moving she went well out of her way to make sure she loaded me up, which was beyond helpful. She's awesome!"

"She has the hippy mama vibes everyone needs in their life. She always keeps the communication between parts and other departments open. She goes out of her way to assist me regularly."

"Kathy is kind, helpful, and does a great job of acknowledging her fellow employees when they've gone above and beyond- a true team player!"

Congratulations, Kathy!