We're sooooo ready for the dreary wintry season to be over and done with! It is about that time for the sweet spring fever to set in and for us to gear up for upcoming warmer weather. The Northwest Arkansas landscape in the springtime offers abundant places to visit and explore. That includes pristine waterways with some of the best kayaking and canoeing action in the region! Here at Adventure Subaru, we're proud of our Natural State! In celebration of the oncoming spring and Arkansas’ vibrant beauty, we want to share a list of five essential kayaking and canoeing accessories that will help you make the most of your spring adventures out on the water. 


THULE PORTAGE CANOE RACK: The Thule Portage is the excellent rack to haul your canoe to your favorite Arkansas waterway. A quality, well-made product from Thule, this canoe rack provides the utmost in safety, security for your canoe and ease of use. It allows you to get out onto the water much more quickly and safely, with more time to enjoy the great outdoors.   



THULE 232 STEP UP: Sometimes getting your kayak or canoe off the roof of your vehicle can be difficult, and the last thing you want is a sprained ankle keeping you off the water with your family and friends. Thule’s 232 Step Up Strap-On Wheel Tire Step makes the job of loading your gear much easier and safer, without the muscle strain. The Thule Step Up installs in seconds with no tools and gives extra height for easier access to gear on the rooftop of your Subaru. Constructed with powder-coated steel tubing, the Thule Step is sturdy and folds flat for easy storage. Installing the Thule 232 Step Up is as easy as one, two, three. It's a definite ankle-saver. 



THULE HULL-A-PORT CARRIER: We haven't forgot about you kayakers! 

Thule’s Hull-A-Port kayak carrier is one of the best on the market, featuring a steel design and adjustable padding, for peace of mind when securing and hauling your kayak to the water. Thanks to the wide-open profile of the Thule Hull-A-Port kayak carrier, loading and unloading your kayak is a breeze, and when not in use, the J-shaped carrier folds down neatly for a clean profile that's ready to go again in seconds.


THULE OUTRIGGER II: It is wonderful to have some quiet time to oneself, but loading and unloading your kayak can be a muscle-straining hassle. Make those woes a thing of the past with the Thule Outrigger II. This simple device allows you to load and unload your kayak all by yourself without strain or struggle. This neat fixture attaches right to the Thule bar roof rack of your Subaru and can support up to 50 percent of the kayak’s weight. It even has an integrated load stop to prevent the kayak from sliding off while using the outrigger. 



THULE LOCKING STRAPS: You can’t go anywhere with your canoe or kayak without the proper securing straps! Thule Locking Straps are the most durable and long-lasting on the market. Composed of steel cable sleeved into theft-resistant nylon, these straps are equipped with a dual-layer locking system with a one-key lock cylinder that's rubber-coated to prevent scratches to your kayak and your vehicle. Amazingly lightweight with corrosion-resistant aluminum buckles, these straps are small but mighty, and will help make sure a thief doesn't get the joy out of your kayak.

This is a great starting list if you need accessories to help you get the fullest experience of the natural beauty of Arkansas and her waterways. And if you need a new vehicle to start off spring on the right foot, come visit us at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We have the best selection of the latest Subaru models in Northwest Arkansas. Stop by today!



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