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Look, we get it. With everything else going on in your life, it’s hard to remember something like Father’s Day. It’s not because you don’t want to remember it, it’s just not something you really think about until it’s right around the corner. In fact, for many of you, reading that headline up there might have been your first reminder. You’re welcome.


For those of you with Subaru-loving dads, don’t worry. We have compiled not only some legendary gift ideas, but we’ve also included an excuse to use if you can’t get it in time for the big family celebration. Adventure Subaru has your back.


Gift: Subaru-Compatible Dash Cam

In today’s world—especially in this political climate—having a dashcam in your vehicle is almost a necessity. If your dad gets a little paranoid from time to time, whether it’s about the traffic merging onto the highway or the ancient alien takeover, maybe a gift like this one will help calm his nerves. These really come in handy in the case of an accident, theft, run-in with law enforcement, or yet another a keying incident. We love this Subie-compatible dash cam by BlackVue, but you may want to ask your siblings to go in on it with you. Otherwise, you can check out more economical options by other companies like Garmin and Cobra.


Excuse: “We knew we wanted to get you something really nice and useful this year, it just took a little longer than expected to coordinate everyone!”


Gift: Portable Car Charger

If your dad owns a Subaru, that probably means he has some adventure in his bones. Maybe he considers himself a survivalist, or maybe he just travels a lot for work. Either way, he’d probably love to have something in his car that could help him in a bind. This JumPack charger by Cobra is so much more than meets the eye, though. It has enough juice to charge your phone, tablet and other devices; plus jumpstart your Subaru; plus jump your motorcycle and boat — all on a single charge. And this thing fits in your glovebox. Nice.


Excuse: “I’m so glad it finally arrived, it seems like I’ve been waiting forever!”


Gift: Subaru-Inspired Art


If your old man is likely to spend more time in his garage than he is on the road, or if you have an artistic side that can be tapped into for gift ideas, consider getting/making your dad some Subaru-inspired art. It doesn’t have to be a painting! It could be handmade pottery with the Subaru logo, and hand-stitched window hanger, custom Subie coasters… you’re only limited by your imagination. You can find pieces like this one for sale on sites like Etsy.com, but you get bonus points if you do it yourself! Plus, doing it yourself means you also get to use a pretty foolproof excuse.  


Excuse: “It took me awhile to finish it because I wanted to get it just right!”


Gift: Subaru Merch

When you’re a fan of something, you have to get on that merch life! Your dad might not know how to start, though, so it would probably be good if you gave him a little nudge. You can find all kinds of Subaru merch at subarugear.com, from the subtle to the bold. If your pop’s not the kind of guy to wear a graphic tee with the Subaru logo plastered across the front, maybe he’d be more into a simple flannel like this one with a subtle nod to the Subie brand on the sleeve. You can also find other items including hats, water bottles, backpacks, etc.


Excuse: “I didn’t want to settle- I wanted to find something I knew you’d actually wear!”


Gift: Subaru Service


This Father’s day gift is sure to score you some major points with the old man. Think about it. What’s the one thing you know he uses every single day? What possession does he spend the most time with? His Subaru, of course! Car maintenance and service is something he’ll never stop needing, and getting him certified Subaru service shows that you really do care. If you know of something he’s been needing to get done for awhile, like have his windshield wipers replaced or finally get that mirror fixed, why not set it up for him? If not, you can’t go wrong with a basic tune-up.


Excuse: “I waited to schedule something until I knew you had some availability so you wouldn’t have to change any plans.”

If none of these gift ideas catch your eye, check out our Subaru Accessories Catalog. You can specify the make, model, year and color of any Subaru to see items that are specific to that vehicle. If you’re thinking even bigger, stop by Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville and we’ll show you around our dealership. Who knows? You might just find the perfect Father’s Day gift- and we’re pretty sure he won’t care if that one’s a little late…  Fill out our contact form here!
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