One of our favorite things about living in Northwest Arkansas is how pet-friendly this area is. Someone is always willing to help you search for your lost dog or take in a homeless cat, and you can find just as many four-legged friends perusing the booths at the Farmer’s Market as you can two-legged ones. It’s refreshing to see the community come together to help our furry family members, and it’s people like you that make us feel like we really can make a difference, together.

Subaru loves pets too, which is why October is Subaru Loves Pets month. It’s all about returning the love that our animals give to us so generously. Here at Adventure Subaru, we’ve teamed up with the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers to provide pet supplies for the shelter. That’s where you come in! With your help, the shelter can keep animals happy, healthy and ready for their forever homes.

If you want to help out, you can donate items like canned or dry food, collars, towels and blankets, grooming supplies, food bowls, small dog/cat toys, treats or cleaning supplies. You can drop off your donations right here at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, and we’ll make sure they get safely delivered to the animals in need.

If you want to go a step further, you can take a selfie with our Subaru Loves Pets photo frame and share on your social media accounts with the hashtag #SubaruLovesPets to help raise awareness around animal welfare. We’ll also have a volunteer sign-up sheet available, so you can work directly with the shelter if you feel compelled to!

We truly appreciate every single person that comes in to donate, so we will have a few little treats for you humans, too! Well, okay, they’re not really for you. But they’re for your best friend! You can take a stuffed Crosstrek pet toy and a Subaru Loves Pets bandana for your furry friends to enjoy.

Our team at Adventure Subaru has no doubt that our NWA neighbors will come together and make Subaru Loves Pets month a huge success. We can’t think of a more compassionate group of people or a more perfect location to be in!

Learn more about Subaru Loves Pets.

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