The Perfect Tire

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You will come across a lot of different types of terrain in your Subaru. You may see snow-covered streets, and you may see dusty back roads. Whether it's concrete, gravel, or clay, and whether it's slick, sandy, or loose, the surfaces that you drive on vary greatly. Unfortunately, a tire that's suited for one set of conditions may not be suited for other conditions. There is no perfect tire. 

Sure, there are all-season tires that come standard on most cars sold in the U.S. These tires are designed to provide you with the best possible performance in the widest range of conditions. However, while all-season tires are solid in most conditions, they excel in none of them. They can't handle winter roads as well as a set of snow tires, or give you the control and handling of high-performance tires.

The perfect tire would excel in everything. You could plug up snow-buried mountain roads in the winter and kick up dust on sun-cracked dirt roads in the summer without changing your tires in between. You could get the handling of performance tires and the comfort and smooth ride of touring tires. But this just isn't possible.

In the same way that you can't have something that is wet and dry at the same time, and you can't have something that is both cold and hot, you can't have a tire that provides the best performance on two opposite ends of a spectrum. However, since all-weather tires are well rounded, they're the obvious choice for those looking to avoid multiple sets of tires. They're the closest we can get to perfect tires.

If you need new tires for your Subaru, the best and easiest approach is to contact service professionals. They can help you pick the right tires for your needs, and make sure that they work for your vehicle. The perfect tire may not exist but our service center can definitely help find the perfect tire for you!

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