A new review of the Subaru Forester is out -- and this review is not from a car expert. Instead it's written by a mom of two children with a third on the way. A few weeks ago Lauren Jimeson took the Subaru 2014 Forester for a vacation to the Hamptons with her family from New York City for some much deserved relaxation and fell in love with the car.    

Having lived in the city for a few years, Lauren writes, it's easy to forget the luxuries of having a car. But it's also hard to get a car you'll love when you have two young children and are expecting a third. There has to be enough room for babies and all their necessities, as well as luggage for a weekend stay in the Hamptons. The Forester took on the challenge easily.   

Lauren also wrote that she loved the leather seats because spills and messes from her two daughters simply wiped off. They also loved the extra-large sun roof that kept the girls entertained when they started to get fussy. Simply open up the roof and the girls would stare out and enjoy what was passing them by.   

In addition to the stylish exterior, the family loved the touch screen audio and navigation system. It was easy to use and also clued them in with good information about the Forester's internal workings. The family drove out and back to the Hamptons from NYC on two tanks of gas -- great gas mileage for such a large vehicle.   

As a mom of two young girls, Lauren really appreciated the rear backup camera to make sure there was nothing behind the car while backing up, be it a toy or when parallel parking. She also loved the easy to use tailgate because she normally has too much in her hands to open a regular tailgate.   

All in all, the Forester is a great car for families because it has a lot of features moms and dads alike can appreciate.
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