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Construction is complete!

Service Center Construction Completed | Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville


After a long wait, here we are for a final update about the exciting changes at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville, Arkansas! We cannot WAIT for you to see our newly redesigned service department that is now officially completed. This will allow us to serve our customers to the best of our ability while offering you a better and quicker experience.


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Subaru Crosstrek Accessories Fit for Northwest Arkansas | Adventure Subaru


If you live in the Ozarks and you drive a Subaru Crosstrek, it’s more than just a car — and not in the cliché, marketing ploy kind of way. That’s just how it is, and we all know it. You don’t buy a Crosstrek in Northwest Arkansas to drive to your nine-to-five every day. Well, maybe you do… but not just for that. Owning a Subaru Crosstrek in Northwest Arkansas is different than owning anything else, or owning one anywhere else. If you really want to optimize your Subie for that funky Fayetteville culture, you should…

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The Adventure Subaru Tire Guarantee

They may not always seem like the most exciting accessories, but even the best cars are worthless without a good set of tires. Subaru is all about delivering the best possible products while keeping you as safe as possible; that’s where the Tire Road Hazard Program comes in. We are now including 24-month road hazard coverage with all program tires. Yeah. That even includes roadside assistance!

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Subaru Service: What’s The Difference? | Adventure Subaru

If you own a Subaru, congratulations! You’ve already made one of the best decisions you could make for your life. Of course, it doesn’t end there. In order to protect and get the most out of your Subaru, like any car, you need to take it in for regular service and maintenance. It’s also important to have a service center you can rely on in the event of an accident or any…

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Subaru Outback: How To Up Your Adventure Game | Adventure Subaru

Hey Outback drivers, want to optimize your Subaru for maximum adventure capacity? Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, Arkansas is here to help. We know, you already own the ultimate adventure vehicle. We definitely can’t argue with you there. But Outback drivers are always pushing the limits, right? There’s always room for improvement...even when you’re already the best.

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Insider Tips
10 Maintenance Checks for Fall
Fall Car Care Month is a great time to give your vehicle a checkup!
The Car Care Council recommends these basic maintenance procedures to keep your vehicle operating at its best:
 • Check all fluids
 • Check the hoses and belts
 • Check the battery
 • Check the brake system
 • Check the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system
 • Inspect the exhaust system
 • Schedule a tune-up
 • Check the tires
 • Check the wipers and lighting
 • Inspect the steering and suspension system

Did You Know? Subaru vehicles are known for their versatility and longevity – in fact, 96 percent of…
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