Spring is here, and with how current events are progressing, it is difficult to stay around the house, much less stay indoors constantly. One way to combat boredom is to give your vehicle some TLC. It feels wonderful to get in a clean, uncluttered vehicle when having to travel to town for supplies or anything else. Like us, cars need to be cleaned up regularly. Then there are the minor car maintenance tasks that we usually don’t think about. If you’re not really sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville have some great tips for spring cleaning for your car!

CLEAR OUT THE WINTER STUFF: Who isn’t ready for bright sunshine and fresh warm days? That’s right, so clear out the winter stuff like your extra pair of gloves, ice scraper, and tire chains. But definitely keep a flashlight with fresh batteries for emergencies. Make sure you have a tire pressure gauge on hand as well. This is also a great time to clean all the windows and give your vehicle a once-over with car cleaning wipes for a fresh feel. 

MINOR MAINTENANCE: Like always, having a healthy vehicle is key and you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle’s fluid levels are at the optimal operating levels. Along with routine oil changes, it's the little things you want to check as well. Check your vehicle’s cabin air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. This helps with the engine’s air intake and with your vehicle’s fuel economy. Along with checking fluid levels, check to see if your vehicle has enough windshield wiper fluid to clean off the bug guts and bird poop. While you have your vehicle’s hood up, clear out the dead leaves. It is always good, year-round, to check your oil level and other fluid levels frequently. 

CHECKING TIRES: With winter come and gone, your vehicle’s tire pressure will have fluctuated a bit due to outdoor temperature change. Here is the golden rule about tire care: when you have an underinflated tire, your gas mileage goes down and the risk of having a flat tire goes up. If the tire is overinflated, you are also at risk of a dangerous blowout. That is why it’s good to have a tire gauge tucked away in the glove box. Usually, the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) is between 30 to 35. Most gas stations have air and local tire stores will usually check your tire pressure and air up your tires for free. 

CLEANING THE EXTERIOR: There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting into your vehicle and noticing bird poop all over it. Then it’s another issue trying to clean off your vehicle. If you wait too long to clean bird droppings or bug guts off your car, it can cause damage to the paint job. Here is a helpful cleaning tip to get it off your vehicle without damaging the exterior paint: spritz a little WD-40 on the area, let it sit for 60 seconds, then rinse or wipe away with a soft cloth.

These are just a few suggestions for spring cleaning your vehicle, and to get ready for warmer and brighter days. Let us know if you have any other useful spring cleaning car tips! 

As of now, these are uncertain times, but we are here and ready to serve our great community. Let us assist you when the time comes for you to buy your next new vehicle. If your car is in need of maintenance or servicing, you can schedule vehicle pick-up and drop-offs for your convenience. At Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, our customers are our priority.



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