It has been our experience here at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville that Subaru owners all have one thing in common: they are adventurers who enjoy living life to its fullest, creating a community that loves to share their interests with others. Now, Subaru offers a special way to let the world and other Subaru owners know what each owner enjoys most,with their own Subaru Badges of Ownership. At Adventure Subaru, we take pride in our customer service and love getting to know our customers and their hobbies, so we are grateful to Subaru for creating this free program to help Subaru owners share their interests, passions and wonderful experiences with their Subaru vehicle. Read on for more about Subaru's Badge of Ownership program. And when you're ready to buy a beautiful canvas to affix them to, stop in today at Adventure Subaru for a test drive!

The Badge of Ownership is Subaru's gift to you for being part of the Subaru family, and a way to express your love for your Subaru and to share your passions in life. Each Subaru Badge of Ownership attaches to the metal surface of your Subaru vehicle with a strong adhesive backing, and they can be placed anywhere. Each Badge of Ownership is unique and individualized, with one of the most popular badges reflecting the number of Subaru vehicles -- what is called your “Loyalty Number" --  the owner has proudly owned.

Another way the Subaru Badge of Ownership is uniquely individualized is that it gives the owner the opportunity to showcase their lifestyle, interests, or hobbies. With that in mind, Subaru created literally dozens of lifestyle icons that reflect your personal interests, from swimming to antiquing, being eco-friendly to expressing the importance of your family. There are 53 lifestyle icons to choose from to reflect your own passions and interests, so add as many lifestyle icons as you want! It is just another way to individualize your Subaru vehicle and express your individuality to the Subaru community and the world. 

To order, go online to Subaru’s Center Subaru website listed above. Be sure to have your Subaru vehicle’s VIN number handy, because you will need it when ordering. If you need help, call Subaru customer assistance at 888-869-5889.

Here at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville, we know our Subaru customers lead fast-paced and busy lives and need a vehicle with both capability and durability to keep up. Because of that, we are proud to offer the full range Subaru models, with the strength and reliability our customers need and great opportunities to make them uniquely your own, like the Badge of Ownership program. Whether you are ready to upgrade or a first-time buyer of a Subaru vehicle, let Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville assist you with your vehicle needs. Hope to see you soon!