Outback Summer Adventures

Summertime is here, my friends, and we all know what that means...ROAD TRIPS! But, what happens when the road trip ends? Well if you own a Subaru Outback, you just keep on going! With the Subaru Outback, nothing holds you back from any adventure. With that in mind, there are some things you might want to do ahead of time. Keep reading for some simple reminders of how to make sure your road trip is a success. We promise you won’t regret it!


Pre-Road Trip Tips & Tricks:

  1. Check the Tires! This seems like a no-brainer but this is so easily forgotten. Check your tires and don’t forget the spare! Look at the tread depth, air pressure and alignment. Here at Adventure Subaru, we have an excellent service department if you need your tires rotated. We will get you in and out in no time!


  1. Fluids. Yes, check those fluids. During these hot summer months, the fluids in your vehicle are more likely to evaporate and break down. Some of the main ones you’ll want to check include brake fluid and windshield wiper fluids (you can’t kill the pesky bugs on your windows without it!).


  1. Let me breathe. And by that, we mean A/C! No one wants to be sitting in a hot, humid car getting sweaty. Sure you might embark on our adventure with a nice breezy 70 degrees, but your final destination may be 100! Another pro tip -- always pack extra sunglasses. You’ll be thanking us when a pair falls in the ocean.

We know these sound super simple, but they can easily be missed in the hurry of packing for the road trip! So make a checklist, come get your Subaru Outback serviced with us and heck, if you don’t already own a 2019 Subaru Outback, what are you waiting for?! Stop by and visit us in Fayetteville today for a killer deal. Happy Summer from your Adventure Subaru family!

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