How To Camp in Your Subaru

At Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we know camping isn’t everyone’s thing. Some people just don’t like it — but hear us out! We LOVE the great outdoors — hiking, the beautiful scenery, campfires, our beloved s’mores. But the idea of “pitching a tent?” We have these irrational fears that a snake is going to be in our pillow when we wake up or a bear is going to trample through our thin fabric “house.” Don’t say you’ve never had these thoughts!


But, selling the most outdoor-activity-ready vehicles in Northwest Arkansas, we had a thought — why don’t we camp inside our cars? Your car is made of steel (bear proof) and you can lock it for safety and stay warm. Genius! We know. Let’s talk a little more about it:


Where to Park? This can be a bit tricky as you have to deal with permits, locations and etc. You can actually use apps such as “AllStays” or “Oh,Ranger! ParkFinder” to figure out where to stay legally. Let’s not ruin a good time by getting a fine, okay? As always, be courteous of others and don’t block other campers, and make sure to display any required permits.


Links to Apps:



Sleep Tight. First, make sure you park on a flat surface — no one wants to be sliding while they are trying to get their beauty rest. Pro tip: make sure to sleep with your head at the front of the car. This will give you more room since typically the back wheels take up some cabin space. Now let’s talk about the bed. One of the perks of camping inside your car is that you don’t have to carry your bed with you! But remember, cars can get just as cold as tents, so pack insulated blankets or even a temperature-rated sleeping bag (this is our preference).  



Feed me. Make a food checklist. All it takes is one hike and BOOM you’re ravenous. No need to bring camping stoves (unless you really want to), but you can keep it simple! Bringing shelf stable items such as bananas, apples, chips, canned chicken and tuna packets can save you tons of room on your adventure. Try to avoid bringing anything that needs to be refrigerated. However if you do, just bring a cooler with you. And don’t forget the water bottle — hydration is key!


Squeaky Clean. When (real) camping, you most likely won’t have access to sinks and showers. Keep your hygiene up with a fully-stocked toiletry bag that is ready for anything. No-rinse shampoo, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste — you catch our drift.


Glamping. Make camping glamorous by getting a little creative. Hang a sheet on the rear hatch and project a movie, bring an electric blanket to stay warm (many are battery powered) or even bring LED lanterns to light up your space.


Ready to head out on your adventure, but don’t have the right car to catch some Zs in the back? Lucky for you, we have a great selection of adventure-ready Subarus and other great models. Click here to view our current inventory!

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