Love Encore Program

Love Encore Program | Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville


Have you ever been frustrated with not knowing how your car works? Is there anything worse than getting into your new car and not knowing how to work any of the technology and creature comforts the vehicle provides? At Adventure Subaru we pride ourselves on the technology within our cars, so we want our customers to feel completely comfortable with their purchase, as they should be. Here at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville, we have a solution to these growing pains!   



Introducing our Love Encore program! This program is specifically designed to educate our new car owners of Subarus. After buying your vehicle from us, we will provide you with a little black notebook. This notebook is for you to write down any and all questions you might have about your brand new Subaru. You will have 14 to 16 days to come in after your time of purchase. 


After a couple of weeks, once you have all of your questions, you come back to see us and we will assist in any way that we can! We will go through each of your questions thoroughly with you so that you can leave feeling confident in your purchase. Prepare to spend up to an hour with us that day - we don’t want to rush this process for you. Also, once your session is done, you will receive a $25 gift card to Walmart. Sounds pretty amazing right? For just an hour of your time, you’ll receive a gift card and have all your concerns and questions answered. In the meantime, if you have any urgent questions, please feel free to call us or even check out our Youtube channel below! This is a great resource for additional information about your Subaru.

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