Top Swimming Holes in NWA

Top Swimming Holes in NWA | Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville


Summer and swimming just seem like the most natural combination, right? We think so! Here in our beautiful natural state we are fortunate enough to have so many lovely swimming spots to go visit. Not that there's anything wrong with a swimming pool, but you know what we mean. It’s fun to get in your 2019 Subaru Outback and just hit the road for some adventure. Here at, Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the top swimming holes the Natural State has to offer. Keep reading for some ideas, and if you visit one let us know!



Top Swimming Holes in the Natural State: 

  1. King’s River - This beautiful place not only has a wonderful 1.2 mile trail for all seasons (get in that cardio before you swim! multitasking!) but it also has a ten foot waterfall that pours into a popular swimming hole during the summer months.

  2. Cedar Creek - Beware with this location only because some parts are off limits for swimming but there are two places you can swim in the waters of the oldest state park in Arkansas. One of them is at the bottom of a stellar 95 foot waterfall known as Cedar Creek Falls. There is also a swimming hole called “The Blue Hole” on this trail.

  3. Little Missouri River - This river is home to some of the most popular swimming holes in our area. There are multiple spots along the river to swim in but if you want more isolation and privacy, try the spot locals call Big Hole.

  4. Gunner Pool - This is more of a public swimming spot. This amazing swimming hole also offers a full campground to take your adventures overnight. 


These are just a few of our favorites because there are so many to choose from! We hope you take advantage of all the beauty our Natural State has to offer. And if you need a new or used car to get there, come see us at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville!

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