One of the favorite pastimes here in NWA is mountain-biking, and boy, do we have extraordinary trails to blaze down and enjoy the natural-beauty of Northwest Arkansas thanks to our wonderful system of federal and state parks for the public to enjoy. Here at Adventure Subaru, we take pride in the beauty of our state and want to share that with our customers. Seen below are a few of our favorite mountain-biking spots in NWA. Speaking of: if you need a reliable, bike-rack-ready vehicle to get you and your gear to these little paradises, come visit your friends at Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville. Let us assist you in finding the rugged Subaru model that will make a perfect fit into your active lifestyle.  Hope to see your soon!



Devil’s Den State Park

West Fork, Arkansas

One of the premier mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas, Devil's Den State Park's Fossil Flats is a five and a half miles of pure joy, situated in rugged wilderness that's only a short drive from civilization. The trail starts out on an old service road and takes you through the woods along Lee Creek. Special features of the trail include Racer's Hill with a steep climb and fast switchbacks on the way down, a scenic bluff section and several other creek crossings along the way.



John Brown University

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

This wonderful trail is right on campus at John Brown University, a liberal arts college located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas: a five-mile soft-surface trail that runs along rocky Sager Creek. The main entrance to the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail is located on West Valley Drive near the JBU tennis courts on the north side of campus. You'll get a workout from the trail, thanks to terrain of various elevations around JBU's main campus, though the trail system has been designed as a gateway trail that can easily be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels.



2600 W. Judge Cummings Road

Fayetteville, Arkansas

One of our favorite spots to mountain bike in the Fayetteville area is Kessler Mountain off of Judge Cummings Road. With Kessler Mountain long a spot for mountain bikers, the area is now known the Kessler Mountain Regional Park, a 620-acre woodland and recreational park incorporating a system of expert-level biking trails along with several trails for newbies and beginners, and intermediate-level loops for somewhat experienced mountain bikers who aren't yet ready to tackle the top-tier trails. Kessler Mountain’s natural-surface trails cover approximately 13 miles and range from Easy, Difficult to Very Difficult so there's something for everyone.  


To have fun and get your exercise in, mountain biking is a guaranteed win and the Ozark Mountains are the greatest natural gym for that! So get the bike out of the garage and take advantage of the beautiful parks we've listed. And if you need a vehicle to get you there in style, Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville, Arkansas has you covered with the latest sport utility vehicles from Subaru and several models to choose from. Come visit your friends at Adventure Subaru for a test drive today. Hope to see you here soon!