Fall Roadtrips in NWA

Best Fall Road Trips in NWA | Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville 




Fall is coming in NWA! It might not feel like it yet but just stay with us as we are in denial it’s still summer time here in NWA. We at Adventure Subaru, cannot wait for the fall season of traveling and tons of outdoor adventures in a Subaru Outback. Living in NWA we love getting to experience four seasons (well we get fall for about three weeks - but we will take what we can get) and to see beauty our natural state has to offer! We compiled a list of must visit places this fall. So keep reading, go buy a Subaru Outback and you’ll be ready for Fall in NWA in no time!  



Devil’s Den State Park - This is such a quick trip to take, just 30 minutes outside of Fayetteville you can be at one of the best hiking spots around called Devil’s Den. In your Subaru Outback you can get there in no time. Go enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, get some exercise and enjoy the crisp fall air.  


Pig Trail Scenic Byway - This is a 19 mile stretch of crazy backroad through the Ozark National Forest, which mains use was by University of Arkansas fans headed to the big game, hence its name. However, recently this road has been now commonly used for more of a beautiful scenic drive. 


Hawksbill Crag - Also known as Whitaker’s Point, this is one of the most iconic scenic overlook in the natural state. It’s only a three mile round trip hike but the drive is what makes it completely worth it. The drive from Fayetteville takes about an hour but when you see the beautiful scenery you’ll know why it's worth the drive. 


We can’t wait for all the adventures the fall timeframe has for us! Do you need a Subaru Outback for your fall adventures? Swing by Adventure Subaru today for all your Subaru vehicle needs. We can’t wait to see your smiling face!

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