Our Favorite Waterfalls in NWA

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES AWAIT! It’s finally spring time in NWA, which means there’s finally warm weather. “It’s not too hot, not too cold -- all you need is a light jacket” (if you can name that movie, we will be best friends). At Adventure Subaru, we love to be in the great outdoors -- especially locally! Living in the Ozarks has its perks -- we have beautiful hikes, biking trails, lakes -- you name it! Some of our favorite things about the Ozarks are our amazing waterfalls. In just a short trek (especially in a Subaru) you can be at some of the most beautiful scenery in Arkansas. Here are some of our favorites!


Falling Waterfalls - Tucked away in the Ozark National Forest is one of the prettiest waterfalls. The light stream runs above the falls and the water level never rises higher than your knees. The falls itself has one thick stream and four smallers falls contributing to one large pool. Come here to swim, take in the scenery and even use the multiple swings around the falls to jump on it!


Lowest Horsetail Falls - Only about 2 hours away from Fayetteville you’ll see Lowest Horsetail Falls. This long and narrow fall is about 60 feet tall and resides in a cozy canyon off the trail. Be sure to catch it in the wet season, as the light stream dries up quickly in the summer months.


Six Finger Falls - Now this is probably one of the most interesting waterfalls in our area of Arkansas. The drop is no greater than six feet, but the way the water flows is breathtaking! The way the rocks are formed causes the water to weave down at six distinct spots, hence the name.

Make sure you take in the best the Natural State has to offer before summer weather hits! What would make this even better? Come pick out a new ride at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville that will ensure you get there safe and sound!
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