How to Use Less Plastic

How to Use Less Plastic | Adventure Subaru of Fayetteville


We’ve seen the world make numerous strides in becoming more eco friendly. Stores such as Starbucks are ditching the plastic straws, grocery stores are offering incentives when you bring a reusable bag in, etc. It’s essentially the new trend...but for GOOD REASON. Did you know half of the 300 million tons of plastic made each year is only used once. Did you know that plastic takes between 500 to 1,000 years to degrade? When we don’t recycle plastic properly it pollutes our air, ends up in the ocean, and the chemicals in plastic are found in our land. This can all have serious health effects on our bodies. One thing we can do is simply reduce our plastic usage. We know this can seem like a daunting task to take on. How do I reduce plastic? Can I recycle this? It can be intimidating! We are hoping this answers some questions on how to reduce your own plastic usage.



How to Reduce Plastic Usage:

  1. BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE CUP: Sounds way too simple, right? Well because it is. An estimate of 60 billion paper coffee cups end up in our landfills every year because they’re not easily recyclable. The end result is that these cups do not decompose for another 20 years. Pro Tip: Some coffee shops even give you discounts for bringing your own cup.

  1. NO SINGLE USE BAGS: Stop using plastic grocery store bags! Bring in a canvas tote or most grocery stores now let you buy a reusable bag for little to nothing.

  1. NO BOTTELED WATER: Yes, we know it's convenient to grab and go BUT look on the flip side. Invest in a BPA Free water bottle and you’ll never have to buy that family pack again.

  1. BUYING IN BULK: This is an amazing way to reduce plastic use and not to mention help you save a little on groceries. Most grocery stores wrap individual foods in plastic so when you buy in bulk you automatically reduce this issue!

  2. YOUR PRODUCE NEEDS TO BREATHE: When you go grocery shopping don’t use those easy to grab plastic bags. Honestly, you wash your produce anyways so there is no need to bag them. Just place them in your grocery cart or reusable bag you brought. Also, your cashier will be forever thankful you didn’t bag them!

  3. UTENSILS: When traveling we know it’s difficult when you need to eat on the go. Instead of using the fast food restaurants plastic utensils bring your own!


We know this can seem difficult for your busy lifestyle, but these are simple everyday tips to help reduce plastic usage. Mother Nature will thank you!   

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