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Subaru loves the earth, and that couldn’t be truer for our team here at Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville. We firmly believe that the Northwest Arkansas community is one of the best when it comes to connecting with nature and being sustainable. Of course, loving the environment means more than just loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.


We partner with a number of incredible companies that are committed to helping the earth, including the Arkansas Canoe Club, Arkansas Climbers Coalition, TriCycle Farm, Pack Rat Outdoor Center and Apple Seeds. We love getting to make a difference together with these organizations, but we’re always looking for ways to do more. One great way to do a little more every day is to download some apps on your smartphone or tablet that are all about living more sustainably. Check out some of our favorites that we’ve found below.




The Oroeco app was developed to help combat climate change, empowering you to become more aware and more proactive. It’s essentially a carbon footprint calculator, and there’s a lot you can do with it. See how every aspect of your life connects to climate change, from your home energy and transportation decisions to your diet, shopping and entertainment choices. The app will even give you personalized tips and actions on how you can lower your impact on the environment. It’s fun, easy and rewarding- you can collaborate with family and friends, save money, and level up as you go.




If you’re a Subaru driver in our area, chances are you have a bike rack attached to your Subie. Biking is an excellent way to minimize your impact on the environment, it’s great for your health, and it’s fun! There are so many fantastic trails in Northwest Arkansas, so this is the ideal spot to utilize an app like this one. This app helps you to discover, navigate and record new bike routes wherever you are- in more than 100 countries. It will also help you discover bike sharing stations, repair shops, bicycle parking, e-bike charging stations and more. The more you use it, the more the app adapts to your personal style and routes you on the best cycling paths. It even has voice navigation!





We really can’t say enough good things about JouleBug. It’s an easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable at home, work and play. Basically, JouleBug organizes sustainability tips into Actions that you Buzz in the app when you do them in real life. You can learn more about each tip with Impact STats, Bonuses, How-To Videos and Helpful Links. Oh, and it rewards you for being good. You can earn achievements and get points for each Buzz, according to how much impact it has. It’s a great way to stay motivated to be more sustainable.  Plus, JouleBug can sync up to your utility bills so you can see how much money you’re saving each month. For a free app, you might just be surprised how much it helps you save.


Refresh & Gogreen


Want to green your home, but don’t know where to start? The Refresh & Gogreen app can help. The app will guide you through 52 simple steps on greening your home. You can choose your level of environmental change, track your progress, and learn more about how and why each step is helping. Each task is categorized into energy, chemical, water, waste and biodiversity, so you know exactly which areas you’re making improvements in. These tasks will help improve your own health, the health of our planet and help save you money.




This app is all about your groceries! Want to know if your food is sustainable, wholesome and honest? HowGood helps you find foods you can feel good about with simple ratings backed by extensive research. All you have to do is search or scan a product barcode, and you can access the HowGood database of more than 200,000 food product ratings. Each product in the database undergoes rigorous research by the HowGood team and is given a rating on its impact across three benchmarks: Growing Guidelines, Processing Practices, and Company Conduct. You can see which items are environmentally friendly, minimally processed, and ethically produced, helping you choose the products that meet your standards and align with your values.

We hope you will try out some or all of these sustainable living apps and let us know how you like them! If we all take a few extra steps to love our earth a little bit more, we can create change we never even knew we were capable of. To learn more about Adventure Subaru and what we do to help the earth, stop by our dealership in Fayetteville. We’ll show you around and let you take a Subie for a test drive. Subaru was the first U.S. automaker to become zero-landfill over a decade ago, so it’s a company you can feel great about supporting. Fill out our contact form here.
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