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Here in America, driving is kind of a big deal — especially in places where you can’t just take the bus or subway everywhere — like in the Arkansas Ozarks, for example. You grow up looking forward to the day you can finally get behind the wheel and take your first Subaru out for a spin. Getting your learner’s permit and ultimately your driver’s license is considered a rite of passage for young people, representing a significant transition from childhood to adulthood. Most Americans of driving age drive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean most Americans know a lot about the vehicles they’re driving. Cars are complicated, after all! In some cases, you might think you know some things that aren’t completely true. In the list below, we’ll go through and put 4 of the most common car myths to the test.


Pre-Drive Warm-Up


When it’s really cold outside, the idea of getting in your car and immediately driving off is not a fun one. That’s why so many people turn their engines on to let their cars ‘warm up” before heading out on a frigid day. It sounds good in theory, but in reality, it’s not actually doing much for you. Other than wasting some gas, that is. You see, an idling engine is meant to run at its lowest power output. That means it will generate the least amount of heat possible. If you’re really eager to get your car warmed up quickly, the best way to do it is to drive it around the block a time or two.


Premium = Better


If you think premium fuel is better than the standard fuel… well, you’re only sort of right. If you happen to drive a high-performance car with a driver’s manual that recommends using premium fuel, then yes. You should buy the premium fuel. Subaru recommends it for some vehicles, specifically the ones with turbocharged engines. Premium gas is less combustible, and it can keep your premium engine from knocking. However, if you drive any other kind of vehicle, you should probably stop spending your money on the expensive stuff. If regular gas is recommended for your car by the automaker, then “upgrading” to the premium gas provides absolutely no benefit. Your car will not run better than it will with the standard fuel.



Bigger = Better


Another common car myth is this idea that big SUVs are safe and smaller cars are dangerous. Some parents of teenagers even refuse to let their kids drive small vehicles because they’re convinced that SUVs are the safest options. In a lot of ways, this myth makes sense to us. It seems like it should be true, and perhaps it used to be. Fortunately, though, cars today are built with high-strength materials, built-in crumple zones, and all kinds of modern safety features that give your car an edge in an accident. In fact, SUVs are actually more prone to roll over or wobble than sedans in many cases. The great news is, most newer vehicles are infinitely safer than they used to be — and of course, you can’t go wrong with a Subaru. Whether you’re driving an Ascent or an Outback or a WRX, you can count on your Subie to keep you protected.


Kicked Into Overdrive


Let’s kick this thing into overdrive, my dudes! You’ve probably heard something like that before, whether it was in a movie or on an off-roading adventure with your buddies. We all have! Unfortunately, it might not mean what you think it does. If you think kicking your car into overdrive will make it go faster, you’ve been misinformed. Rather than gaining more speed, your vehicle simply shifts into a higher gear — for cruising. So chances are, you’re actually just going to maintain your current speed. But hey, we get it. It still sounds pretty cool.


Idle vs. On


Many drivers share the common misconception that starting your car uses more fuel than idling does. This is simply not true, at least not anymore. When you turn your car on, you’re not actually expending any more fuel than is required to keep your car idling for a while. So, next time you get stuck sitting in traffic, keep this in mind. Hanging out in your car for a while with the engine on is most likely wasting more gas than it would just to turn your car off and back on again. If you really want to save on fuel, consider turning off your engine next time you’re stuck on the road for a while.

So, now you know! Which of these five car myths were you most surprised by? Did we miss any major ones you’d like to see on the next list? If you don’t own a Subaru yet, we can help you out with that. There’s simply no better vehicle for Northwest Arkansas and no better place to get one than Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville. Stop by today, check out our inventory online, or fill out our contact form here!
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